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Thank you for your interest in supporting New Tampa Players. New Tampa Players is a 501c3 community theatre, currently performing at the University Area CDC. As a local community theatre committed to quality and diversity, we are reaching out to the Tampa Bay community in the next season to introduce more people to quality theatre and the local arts. We need your support during our 2017-2018 season to make this happen.


                  This summer, New Tampa Players embarked on a journey to make our season more diverse, on-stage, backstage, and in the audience. Our partners at the University Area CDC and local residents of the University Area shared with us the importance of giving children of all races and socioeconomic levels the opportunity to see someone just like them on stage and to include the interests of all people in our season. Local community theatre in the Tampa Bay area is not very diverse. With each community theatre trying to retain audiences, it is very risky to step outside of the model that works. With this feedback, and knowing the risk, our board decided that diversity in community theatre was essential for Tampa and decided to produce The Wiz. We are happy to report that The Wiz was an artistic and community success. Our diverse cast of 50 were able to introduce hundreds of people to theatre.


                  With this success, New Tampa Players is planning to continue to include underserved groups in the Tampa Bay community. Also, during the Wiz, we partnered with State of the Art Interpreting, and one performance of the Wiz was sign language interpreted for our deaf community. State of the Art Interpreting has reached out to New Tampa Players on behalf of the deaf community to organize a show for deaf actors, and we are excited about this opportunity.


                  For New Tampa Players to continue on this path to include all of Tampa Bay, we need  your support during the 2017-2018 season. Our season includes: Quilt: A Musical Celebration, Addams Family: A New Musical, Legally Blonde, and Annie.


                  New Tampa Players is extremely grateful for our sponsors and partners. We work with each sponsor to craft a sponsorship package that is unique to their needs and wishes. Our sponsorship packages include:

  • Acknowledgement in all media: flyers, social media, newspaper, and online articles

  • Acknowledgement during curtain speech at each performance

  • Free tickets for employees

  • Opportunities to showcase business in the lobby before performances

  • Free ads in playbill

  • Acknowledgement in playbill


We are also open to other items that we have not considered if your business has different wishes/needs.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at





Nora Paine


New Tampa Players

Our New Space:
Uptown Stage
@University Mall
2200 Fowler Ave
Tampa, FL 33612

Mailing Address:
New Tampa Players

P.O. Box 48502

Tampa, FL 33646

T: 813-644-8285




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New Tampa Players Anti-Discrimination Statement


New Tampa Players (NTP) believes in equal opportunity for their volunteers, actors, employees and members. NTP's success depends on the effective utilization of qualified people, regardless of their race, creed, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. We will not discriminate on the basis of these characteristics.

 NTP expects all organizational volunteers, actors, employees and members to adhere to current accessibility regulations.


Reasonable accommodations to ensure inclusion by all participants will be made for NTP events.


NTP encourages its volunteers, employees, actors,  and members to give this non-discrimination policy their full support through leadership and personal example.

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