Christopher Grant and Michelle Kadonsky

Chris Grant and Michelle Kadonsky are an engaged couple trying to navigate wedding planning in the time of COVID. They met when Michelle, a transplant from St. Louis, MO, was on an apartment search in Tampa, and they bonded over the fact that they each have the same musical instruments (flute, alto sax, piano). Both are avid theater geeks with their only onstage appearance together in Chess the Musical (2018 NTP/SLT). They also shared production time in MAS Theater's Singin' in the Rain (with Chris onstage and Michelle backstage). They are excited to be participating in the Amazing Arts Challenge!

Jamey Feshold and Jessica Schoenfeld

Jamey and Jessica both love Music, singing, and dancing. They began working together years ago as jessica created her own musical theatre school for children. Jamey recently returned from abroad after working in the stunt field and is excited to get back involved with his community, theatre, and giving back the same way he was inspired by the teachers of his youth. They are both so excited for the opportunity to help create something unique and special!

Angelina Samreny and Natasha Samreny


Here are a few words from Natasha about their awesome sister team:

Angelina sings and I crack jokes, so if you ever ask me to sing, I’ll sick her on you. She’s a classically trained mezzo-soprano, which means she digs singing spirituals, opera in Assisi, Italy and performing in musical theatre. You can catch her gorgeous pipes and ridiculous hair in the Spanish Lyric Theater’s upcoming production of “In the Heights.” 


I tell stories and jokes onstage. Think The Second City, Edinburgh Fringe, Boston Comedy Arts Festival. I’m a comedian, but I really dig thrifting, styling and selling my finds (#Joyruckus). We’re exciting to do this Amazing Arts Challenge, cause we have a blast doing most things together.

Bri and Trevor are performers at heart. They met in 2016 during a production of Beauty and the Beast and their passion for performing developed in to an unstoppable friendship! They love learning about the arts and they are excited to "try their very best" in the Amazing Art Challenge!

Amanda Schapiro and Katie Welch


Katie and Amanda have been friends since 2008. They met in Tampa Bay Family Theater’s production of Peter Pan where Katie played Mrs. Darling and Amanda played Nana the dog and the crocodile. In recent years, they performed in New Tampa Players Annie and Katie performing in Carrollwood Players production of The Producers. Katie and Amanda started their own theatre company called Broadway Everyday Star Theater. They produced and directed shows like “A Talent for Murder” (which Katie wrote this murder mystery play) and “A Broadway Musical Review.” They are both teachers. Amanda is a High School Math teacher at ell Creek Academy in Riverview FL while Katie is a ESE/K-1st Grade teacher at CuttingEdge Learning Academy in Riverview FL. They are honored to be a part of the Amazing Arts Challenge.

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