2018-2019 Wall Awards

And the winners are.....

2019 Wall Award: Nora Paine
2019 Volunteer of the Year: Tami Tomlins Carr


People's Choice Winners


From Violet:

Best Lead Actor: Kyle Billington
Best Lead Actress: Bri Filippelli
Best Ensemble Actor: Ryan Farnworth
Best Ensemble Actress: NaTasha M. McKeller

From Aladdin Jr, Penguin Project:

Best Lead Actor: Connor Olsen
Best Lead Actress: Zoe DeJoseph
Best Ensemble Actor: Travis Kaufman and Colin Coyle-Karg
Best Ensemble Actress: Sophia Sepleveda

From Little Mermaid:

Best Lead Actor: Dwuany Cannon Jr.
Best Lead Actress: Janelle J'Nelle Richardson
Best Ensemble Actor: Roman Ricardo
Best Ensemble Actress: Becki Mallett

Technical Awards:

Best Orchestra: Violet, G Frank Meekins

Best Sound: Tie: Little Mermaid, Keith and Carlyn Postle and Aladdin Jr, John Camacho

Best Lighting: Aladdin Jr, Todd Wiener

Best Props: Aladdin Jr, Andi Laaker

Best Costumes: Aladdin Jr, Shelley Giles, Jamie Storvik, Heather Cleveland, Marian Storvik

Best Scenic Design and Set Dressing: Tie: Aladdin Jr, Chelsie Camaro Smith, Corey Wade, Steve Quillian, and Little Mermaid, Gene Kish and James Cass

Best Stage Management: Aladdin Jr, Diana L. Paty, Joia Holbrook and G Frank Meekins

Best Direction: Aladdin Jr, Nora Paine

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