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We have magic to do!

(Yes, a little bit of Pippin humor!)

New Tampa Players has a spot just for you! From behind the scenes work to front of house and everything in between, NTP's volunteers work to build the quality productions our audiences have come to enjoy!

If you are looking to join our artistic teams (director/musical director/choreographer), we put specific notices for these on our front home page. For auditions, check out our audition page!

Production Help Needed:

For every production, we need help with the following areas:

Lighting: Help hang and focus lighting instruments to create the the pictures and visual interest. No experience needed. Just a desire to learn.

Sound: For every mainstage production, NTP runs 16-24 body mics, so our audiences can hear our cast and our live orchestra. Help maintain our sound equipment and create that audio balance in our productions. No experience needed. Just a desire to learn.

Costuming: Costuming helps to tell the story to the audience. Do have a flair for fashion and color? Do you know how to sew? Do you like to thrift shop? Would you like to learn? Pick up a tape measure and join our costuming teams.

Set Building: The set gives context and helps to create the story on stage. Are you handy? Can you use powertools? Help build our sets. Even if you do not have any experience, but we would like to learn-- we would love to have you!

Set Painting: Once the set is built, it needs to be painted! Do you paint? Can you draw? Have you ever painted mural? Do you like to create faux finishes on your walls at home? Set Painting may be for you!

Props: Props are anything that an actor picks up during the production. It can be anything from food to swords! It could be from Germany in 1800's or Japan in the 1200's. Do you like history? Do you like to watch Antique Roadshow? Could you tell the difference between a Victorian settee and a 1930's couch? History buffs and crafty people frequently enjoy finding and making props for shows. If this sounds interesting to you, contact us.

Stage Managing: Do you like to organize? Are you good at time management? Do you have an inner clock? Stage Managing might be for you! The stage manager and the crew keep the production running.

Backstage Crew: Do you like excitement? Under the guidance of the director and stage manager, the backstage crew make scene changes look like a dance! No experience needed. Just a desire to learn and a wish to get some exercise!

Front of House: Do you have a friendly smile? Do you like to talk to strangers and make them feel welcome? Our front of house staff are the first people our patrons meet when they come to our productions. A friendly face and a helpful answer are paramount to a good experience. If you would like to be a NTP ambassador at our productions, please contact us.

Orchestra: All of our mainstage musicals have a live orchestra lead by our musical director. Each musical calls for a different combination of instruments. We maintain a list of musicians (and their instruments) and contact musicians from the list as the production calls for them. We love to help college and high school musicians gain experience. If you would like to be on that list, we would love to have you!

Community theaters have many opportunities to help that are not related our productions. Like the everyday things in any business or household, there are many things to make sure happen even during tech week!

Administration Help Needed:

Community Volunteers: Our Community Volunteers help in the University Area community in many ways. We work at Paint the Town event in January to help clean up and spruce up the area right around the UACDC. Our Community Volunteers also help to host Movie Night once a month at UACDC for the University Area families. New Tampa Players is invested in helping the University Area prosper and grow.

Marketing: We want the information and excitement about our productions and programs to reach far and wide in the Tampa Bay area. It takes a lot of work to keep the pipeline of information steady through social media and print media. Do you like to do graphic art? Can you write? Can you proofread? Do you drive around a lot and wouldn't mind putting up flyers in your travels?  Little things go a long way to help get the word into the community about NTP.

Events: Throughout the year, we hold 2-3 fundraisers to help offset the cost of our productions. Each fundraiser needs a team ready to setup tables, decorate, and keep the coffee flowing. If you only have a little time occasionally, but want to get involved, our event staff may be the answer you are looking for!

If you are interesting volunteering in any of these areas, please contact us at

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