New Tampa Players is looking for some talented actors for their interactive audience murder mystery. "It's a Wonderful Death" ,written by Joe Pauley and Laura Dent, it's a fun, interactive mystery based on the popular movie "It's a Wonderful Life".

3 women 3 men plus extras

Directed by Tracy Stemm Crews

Performance dates:
Friday, December 8
Saturday, December 9

Auditions will be cold readings from the script and some improvisation.

Characters available:
Henry F. Potter (aka “Old Man Potter”) – He is Scrooge personified and a warped, frustrated old man that sits in his little web and is only interested in squeezing more money out of people. He made his fortune in real estate and also was a slum lord (Potter’s Field) to the down trodden people of Bedford Falls.
Age 50 - 70

George Bailey – 1st Husband to Mary Hatch-Bailey-Potter and father to Pete now 12, Janie now 11, Zuzu now 9 and Tommy now 6 and brother to Harry. As a young man he jumped into some cold water to save his brother Harry, in doing so he is deaf in his left ear. He stutters a lot when he gets excited and is a likeable guy. He wanted to leave Bedford Falls as a young man but was forced to stay because of family obligations.
Age 30 - 45

Mary (Hatch) Bailey-Potter – Her brother’s name is Marty and she was known to say “Mama wants you Marty” as a young kid. She was born & raised in Bedford Falls and was originally married to George Bailey. he would like nothing more then to have things back the way they used to be. She and George were winners of the Charleston Contest at Bedford Falls High School. She is partial to the song “Buffalo Gals.” When greeting people she knows she will put her thumbs by her ears and yell “Hee-Haw.”
Age 30 - 45

Uncle Billy Bailey – Was a brother to George’s father Peter Bailey. They started the Bailey Bros. Building & Loan Association to help the people of Bedford Falls have a place to go other then Potter. He married his wife Laura a number of years ago even though Potter had a thing for her. They had a house in Potter’s Field and she died tragically in a fire. Billy is a likeable guy but is very forgetful of things. He has numerous strings tied to his fingers to help him remember things. He had a pet squirrel.
Age 50 - 70

Violet Bick – What can we say she’s “The Town Tramp.” She has always had a thing for George but couldn’t deal with having just one “fella.” She was classmates with Mary Bailey but was always been more of a rival then a friend. Obnoxious and loud, Most people don’t like Violet as she rubs them the wrong way.
Age 30 - 45

Clara Odbody AS1 (Wife of Clarence ) – Clara is the special investigator sent down to clear things up as her husband Clarence (AS2) the Clock Maker (293 years old next May) kind of screwed things up. Think an old Glenda The Good Witch on steroids. he has been an angel for about 200 years (higher grade then Clarence) and she is technically 290 years old next June. She is wise in her ways and always has a saying for everything. She constantly has a bottle of booze with her to keep her warm. If anyone asks about her “wings” she looks at them and glares, “with all of the trouble in the world right now, do you really want me to float around?” When asked how things are up in heaven she will respond with “the food is awesome and you never get fat, the drinks are free, we have the best band you can imagine "
Age - Timeless

2 women age 35 - 60, one man 40 - 60 and 2 girls ages 12-16

Our New Space:
Uptown Stage
@University Mall
2200 Fowler Ave
Tampa, FL 33612

Mailing Address:
New Tampa Players

P.O. Box 48502

Tampa, FL 33646

T: 813-644-8285




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