Sending Down the Sparrows

Sunday, March 3 from 3PM-5PM

Jansen Dance Project

5330 Primrose Lake Circle

Tampa, FL 33647

New Tampa Players won the lottery: The Tampa International Fringe Festival Lottery, that is!


Our first Fringe production will be "Sending Down the Sparrows" by Laura Lundgren Smith.


Auditions for this piece are open, and all roles are available. Please see audition material above for the readings for auditions.


Direction by Jim Rayfield




“Sending Down the Sparrow” is set in 1939 Nazi Germany. Under Nazi rule, a Hitler Youth member, Viktor, must support the elimination of the mentally disabled--even his twin sister. His struggle against the German authorities drives this important drama. Secretly Viktor visits his sister, Alina, in an asylum for the mentally disabled. When there he faces Nurses and administrators who show no sympathy for his sister. Viktor comes to realize that his sister is marked for elimination. While keeping the truth hidden, Viktor continues to attend meetings for the Hitler Youth where he tries to keep up the false front he has created despite bullying from members such as Karl who even drives Viktor to beat a helpless blind man, just to prove how loyal he is to Hitler. Finally, the truth comes out and Viktor, because of the laws, faces his own sterilization and the death of his sister and must take drastic steps.




There are roles for older teenagers and adults in this production. 4 female roles, 7 male roles, and 6 roles that could be either. Casting is flexible, the important age requirement is whether the character is adult or teen aged.


Males Roles:


Nazi Officer—middle aged

Blind Man—50’s-60’s


Viktor—teen age boy

Patient 1—teen to 60’s

Leader of Hitler Youth—middle aged

Karl—teen member of Hitler Youth

Josef—teen member of Hitler Youth

Administrator—middle aged

Members Hitler Youth—teen aged

Patients—various ages

Person One—adult, asylum administrator


Female Roles:


Alina—teen aged girl, mentally disabled

Nurses—30’s to 50’s

Patient—teen to 60’s

Administrator—30’s to 60’s

Person Two—adult, asylum administrator


Important Dates:


Auditions are March 3rd: 3PM-5PM


Rehearsals will begin as early as March 11th. Rehearsals will be scheduled on Monday-Thursday between 7:30 and 10:00 PM. Not everyone will be called for every rehearsal, and final rehearsal schedule will be based on cast conflicts.


Performances will be at the Tampa International Fringe Festival between May 2 and May 11th. Final performance times have not been set yet.

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